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Parent Handbook

The Chisholm Primary Parent Handbook has all the information you and your child will need.

You can print a full version to read at your convenience by pressing the ‘Print to PDF’ button at the top of the page.

If you have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies or other general enquiries please feel free to contact Chisholm Catholic Primary, Bligh Park by phone on 4573 3200 during weekdays between 8:15 am and 3:45 pm.

  • Welcome Messages
    • From the Principal

      Welcome to Chisholm Catholic Primary. Our school is a ministry of the parish of St Matthew's, Windsor. We are a safe, honest, respectful, learning community. This Parent Handbook is to assist you in considering this school as the school which will best support your child’s needs.

      When choosing a school for your child, it is important that you know what it is that makes this school different from other schools. As you do this your discernment process becomes much clearer.

      The Enrolment Policy of the Catholic Education Office in the Diocese of Parramatta is followed at Chisholm Primary.

      Enrolment at Chisholm Catholic Primary School includes your return of the Enrolment Application & Agreement with the following originals of:   

      • Passport size photograph of student
      • Proof of residential address (e.g. council rates notice, current driver's license)
      • Birth Certificate
      • Citizenship / Residency / Visa (country of birth other than Australia)
      • Parent and Child Passport and Visa (if student is not Australian)
      • Latest school report from previous school
      • NAPLAN results (if student NOT​ from a diocesan school)
      • Sacrament certificates (Baptism and Confirmation if applicable)
      • Immunisation Certificates (visit www.medicareaustralia.gov.au or call 1800 653 809 and request your Statement)
      • Special needs and assessment reports for speech, hearing, cognitive, occupational therapy or others (if applicable)
      • Medical Action Plan e.g. Asthma, Anaphylaxis (if applicable)
      • Medical Plan e.g. Mental Health plan, Medication plan (if applicable)
      • Family Court Orders / Parenting Agreements / AVO / DVO relevant to student (if applicable)

      It is essential that both parents/guardians sign the different sections of the Enrolment Application. Your prompt return of this form will be appreciated.

      When you submit an enrolment application you will be invited for an interview. Both parents/carers and child are asked to attend this interview. Parents considering enrolment at Chisholm are invited to our Open Day which is held every March, dates will be advertised.

      I wish you well in your deliberations. Decisions about your child’s formal schooling are of major significance. I am happy to discuss any matters you may wish to raise with me. Please contact me should you require any further information.

      Yours sincerely,


      Michael Mifsud

    • From the Student Leadership Team

      Dear Parents, 

      As representatives of the Student Leadership Team, we would like to welcome you and your family to our school. At Chisholm, we are safe, honest, respectful learners. 

      Our school motto is Faith, Family, Future. As a Catholic School, we look for ways to share our faith in Jesus. We know that with this faith, and with the support of our families, we can create a bright future for everyone. We try to follow in the footsteps of Caroline Chisholm who shared her faith with courage. 

      We also learn all the subjects that other schools offer. There are high expectations at our school about how to treat others and how to accept responsibility for our own learning and behaviour. We are also expected to take pride in our school environment and in the wearing of our uniform. 

      At Chisholm, your child will have many wonderful opportunities to make friends and mix with different people. The teachers are very encouraging of us and acknowledge our achievements. 

      Chisholm has all the elements of an excellent school. We think you have made a good choice enrolling your child at our school.  

      Yours sincerely,  

      Rylee, Jade, Phebe, Scott, Ricardo and Ethan.
      (Student Leadership Team 2018)

    • Key Personnel
      Parish Priest
      Fr Robert William
      Parish Sacramental Co-Ordinator
      Ms Cita Adams
      Contact St Matthew's Parish Church
      (02) 4577 3073
      Mr Michael Mifsud
      Assistant Principal
      Mr Andrew Emanuel
      Chisholm Community Group (CCG) President
      Mrs Rebecca Monaghan
      School Office Staff
      Mrs Michelle Siegenthaler
      Mrs Denise Argus
      Mrs Kelly Milgate

  • General Information
    • School Hours
      Morning Supervision 8:15am
      Morning Bell 8:45am
      Recess 10:45am – 11:15am
      Lunch 1:15pm – 2:00pm
      Afternoon Bell 3:00pm
    • Office Hours

      The school office operates on weekdays between 8:15 am and 3:45 pm (Monday to Friday).

    • Supervision in the Mornings

      Playground supervision begins at 8:15am and concludes at 3:30pm. Please note that children who arrive at school before this time will be unsupervised, and for this reason, we request most strongly that they do not come to school before 8:15am. Children are not to be on the premises outside the stated school hours.

    • Supervision After School

      The children are dismissed at 3:00pm.

      The children who take a bus move to the bus bay area at the front of the school. A written note requesting other arrangements must be received by the class teacher.

      A 'Kiss ‘n’ Drop' operates at the front of school from 3:00pm until 3:30pm. Arriving at Kiss ‘N’ Drop after 3:10pm is recommended.

    • Our School Song

      Chisholm space for us to grow,
      There's room for all our dreams to breathe,
      Great gifts we give, great gifts receive,
      The Chisholm spirit starts to breathe,

      Like faith in God and in each other,
      Family we all belong,
      Future hope that builds tomorrow,
      Joyful is our living song

      Stories past we gladly learn,
      So stories new we'll bring to birth.
      And heroes too we will become,
      The Chisholm spirit now begun as …

      As Jesus' heart had room for all,
      Our school has space for every need.
      Respect for all, our hunger feeds,
      The Chisholm spirit gently leads to …

      Chisholm where our hearts are safe,
      Like God's own heart invites us in,
      We'll learn delight in God's good gifts,
      The Chisholm spirit lives within our …


      Written by Fr Kevin Bates with the Year 6 Graduating class of 1999


    • Our School Prayer

      This is our catholic school.
      Let peace dwell here.
      Let the rooms be full of contentment..
      Let love abide here.
      Love of one another,
      Love of everyone,
      Love of God
      And love of life itself.
      Let us remember that as many hands
      build a house,
      So many hearts make a school.


    • Medication Policy

      Some children attending school need medication to control illnesses:

      Parents should supply –

      • Specific written permission (forms are available from the office or by clicking on the form name below)

      medication-request---form-1.pdf  Form 1... Notification and request for the administration of medication during school hours

      • In addition, the school may request

      Parent / Guardian permission for doctor to release medical information  Form 2... Parent / Guardian permission for doctor to release medical information to the admistration of Chisholm Catholic Primary School            

      • Prescription medicine should be in a prescription container which gives the name of the child, the dosage and time the medication is to be given and the name of the prescribing doctor.
      • Non-prescription medicine cannot be administered at school (e.g. Panadol, cough medicines).

      Please note –

      • Children who are sick should not come to school
      • Children are not allowed to keep medication whilst at school – it must be handed in to the office and will be put under lock and key
      • It would be best if essential medication be given at home before or after your child comes to school.
      • Children who take regular medication need to complete the permissin forms and are required to provide an Action Plan.
    • Pastoral Care and Student Welfare

      We are safe, honest, respectful learners!

      School-based pastoral care refers to the total care of the student. It is based upon a belief in the dignity of every person.

      In a Catholic school, it is expressed through:-
      • the development of quality relationships
      • the provision of satisfying learning experiences
      • the establishment of an effective care network
      • the provision of experiences and structures that provide for the integrated spiritual and human growth of students.

      (From Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta “The Pastoral Care of Students in Catholic schools, November 1988.)

      At Chisholm Catholic Primary School, the Pastoral Care and Student Welfare Policy promotes the ongoing development of Safe, Honest, Respectful Learners.

      The Pastoral Care/Student Welfare Policy focuses on developing a community culture of:

      • mutual respect
      • Ÿopenness and honesty
      • Ÿongoing positive support
      • Ÿcommunity inclusiveness and belonging
      • Ÿengagement in learning
      • forgiveness

      Our Pastoral Care and Student Welfare Policy is based upon principles which lead to Positive Behaviour Support.

      Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a broad range of whole school, group and individualised strategies for achieving significant social and learning outcomes, while minimising problem behaviours. It is positive, proactive and focuses upon developing solutions and success for all in the learning environment.

      While it is a whole-school approach, it puts the individual at the centre and aims to enhance the relationships within the community of learners.

      Positive Behaviour Support is underpinned by six key principles:

      1. A common purpose and approach to discipline
      2. A clear set of positive expectations and behaviours
      3. Procedures for teaching expected behaviour
      4. A continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviour
      5. A continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behaviours
      6. Procedures for on-going monitoring and evaluation.
  • Parish Sacramental Program
    • Authentically Catholic

      This school exists as one of the ministries of St Matthew’s Parish. As a Catholic school we seek to support parents in the faith development of their children. This includes formal Religious Education lessons using the diocesan Religious Education curriculum. It also includes our informal religious education program which is best expressed through our inclusive practices and quality relationships.

      For more information see Religious Education in the Learning & Teaching section of the site.

    • Preparing children for the Sacraments

      St Matthew’s Parish follows the Parramatta Diocesan policy regarding the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation and Penance.

      The parish where families worship is the parish where children will receive their sacraments. In the Diocese of Parramatta, sacramental programs are parish-based and family centred. While our school supports these programs, the parish sacramental team is responsible for the preparation of the children.  Sacramental preparation takes place in the parish and involves the family of the child.

      Mrs Cita Adams, can be contacted on 4577 3073 to discuss these programs with you.

  • Parental Involvement
    • Chisholm Community Group

      Chisholm Community Group works closely with staff to ensure the best educational setting for all children.

      The Chisholm Community Group values and plans to:

      • maximise parental involvement at Chisholm
      • foster community spirit within the Chisholm parent body
      • assist in school / parent communication
      • assist Chisholm in meeting resource targets

      The Chisholm Community Group meets twice a term. Membership is open to all parents and carers of children attending our school.

    • Parent Assisted Learning

      Parents are encouraged and welcomed to assist teachers in classrooms. All parents and carers wishing to help in the classroom need to have attended a classroom helper training session.

      In addition, parents are also encouraged to attend "parent forums" throughout the year that have an educational focus, as a way of fostering parental involvement with their child's learning. 

      There are many other opportunities to help, such as excursions, carnivals and covering books.  If you can spare some time to help us, please contact your child’s teacher.

      ​Building Child Safe Communities

      ​All volunteers are required to complete the following:

      ​Step 1: Complete the Building Child Safe Communities - Undertaking Volunteers Form

      ​Step 2: Complete the Online Training Module ​(This is required every 2 years)

      The link for this can be found at Building Child Safe Communities.

  • Communication
    • Website, Skoolbag and Social Media

      Our main form of communication between home and school is our school website (www.chisholmblighpark.catholic.edu.au). Additionally, a fortnightly newsletter will be emailed on Thursdays at 4pm the even weeks of term (e.g. Week 2, 4 etc).

      To receive the newsletter via email please complete the subscribe form on the Newsletters page of our website.

      We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook.

      Download the Skoolbag App to your device for information, alerts, upcoming events, emergency contact, advise of absences and any last minute changes to events or cancellations.

      This App is an invaluable tool for parents and the school.
    • Class Teacher Interviews

      Please feel free to request an interview with your child’s teacher at any stage during the year. They are most happy to speak with you about any matter which affects your child. No interviews are available after 8.30am or before 3.15pm.

      We ask that you make an appointment time. We know you will understand the importance of not disrupting the teacher for an interview whilst they are teaching or on playground duty, as teachers must give their full attention to the children. The parent teacher meeting needs to be at a mutually agreed and convenient time.

    • Formal Interviews and Reporting

      At the beginning of each year, parent-teacher interviews are held so you and your child’s teacher can discuss any matters you think will help your child settle into the new class. A written report is sent to you at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Formal interviews must be requested at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.

    • Absences
      • Please let your child’s teacher know in writing why your child has been absent on the day your child returns to school.
      • Unexplained absences are noted in the class roll.

      • If your child is going to be away more than three (3) days, please call the office on 4573 3200. When your child returns to school, please send a written note to confirm the information given on the phone.
      • If your child is going to be away for planned leave e.g. a family holiday, for a period of five (5) days or more, an 'Exemption from School Attendance' form is required to be completed. There are new Government guidelines for schools to follow when marking the attendance registers (class rolls). The new guidelines require parents who are taking their children on holidays, during the school term, to complete a request for 'Exemption from School Attendance' form. These forms must be completed before taking your holiday. The School Principal can only approve up to 100 school days leave in a 12 month period for any one student. Longer periods need the approval of the Director of Schools Parramatta and the Catholic Education Commission. Once these forms have been completed and returned, you will then be issued with a certificate allowing the exemption from school. This certificate needs to be kept with you while on holidays in case you are requested to present it. These forms are at the school office for you to collect, complete and return as soon as possible, and must be completed before leaving for your holiday. Overseas travel will require a copy of the itinerary to be attached to the exemption.  
      • If you need to collect your child before the end of classes for important matters such as medical appointments, please call personally at the office for your child.

      • If you need to change the usual home-time procedures, please notify your child's teacher in writing.

      • If an emergency arises which affects your plans to pick up your child, a message can be phoned through to the secretary who will pass the information on to the teacher and your child.
    • Change of Address

      If your family moves during the year, please give your new address and telephone number to the office staff.

      If you are moving out of the area and need to send your child to another school, please let the Principal know in writing, as soon as possible to allow time for the relevant records to be completed.

  • Canteen
    • Ordering Lunch

      Daily canteen facilities are available at the school. We send a price list home at the beginning of each year. If you wish to order recess or lunch for your child, please put the money in a paper bag and write on the bag as per the following example:

        JOHN SMITH
       (class) 1 White
        1 salad sandwich
      1 orange juice
       (amount enclosed)
      $ 3

      We also offer environmentally friendly reusable lunch bags which can be purchased through our school uniform shop.
    • Can You Help in the Canteen?

      Our school canteen provides a great support to our children and families due to the generous support of volunteers.

      Please contact Sandra Goldsbrough at the school on 4573 3200 if you can help in the canteen at any time.

      Again, child protection legislation requires that all volunteers complete an online child protection training module every two years. See the 'Building Child Safe Communities' (http://childprotection.parra.catholic.edu.au/volunteers) website for details.

  • Travelling to and from School
    • Opal Cards

      For information on Opal Cards and to apply for one, please visit www.transportnsw.info/school-students 

      Infants (K-2) are eligible for a free Opal Card regardless of distance travelled. However, the Department of Education specifies that primary children (Yrs 3-6) must live outside a 1.6km radius of the school to be eligible for a bus pass.

      Please explain safe bus conduct to your child and, if possible, travel to and from school with your child during the first few days of school.

    • Road Safety
      Please observe road safety when dropping off and picking up your children.

      In the morning and afternoon, children are to dropped or collected using the Kiss 'n' Drop zone.
      Please note that parents are not permitted to drive into the school grounds.
  • Financial Matters
    • How do I pay my school fees?

      There are 4 options for paying school fees:

      • Cash, credit card, money order or cheque                      
      • Post Billpay (pay in person at any Post Office or phone 13 18 16)
      • BPay (Telephone & Internet Banking)
      • Direct Debit

      ​Should you be experiencing any finance difficulties your child will not be denied access to a Catholic Education. Please make an appointment to see the Principal, should you have any concerns regarding fee charges and/or collections.

      Also see the 'School Fees' page of the website under 'Enrol Now'. 

    • When are fees due?

      The Catholic Education Office has set the following guidelines for fee collection:

      • All fees are due within four weeks of the date of the school account statement unless arrangements have been made with Mr Mifsud.

      • If no payment (full or part) has been received or if arrangements have not been made after four weeks, a reminder statement will be sent.

      • If no response is received within seven days of this request, a reminder letter will be sent to you.

      • Should there be no response after seven days, a final reminder letter will be sent to you requesting an interview or payment.
      • Should there be no response, the Catholic Education Office will authorise for parents to receive a solicitor's letter.
      • The diocesan system and each systemic Catholic School have a particular responsibility to accept and support those who are poor, marginalised and in most need.

      Should you be experiencing any finance difficulties your child will not be denied access to a Catholic education.  Please make an appointment to see the Principal, should you have any concerns regarding fee charges and/or collections.


      Also see the 'School Fees' page of the website under 'Enrol Now'.

    • What fees are set by Chisholm Catholic Primary School?

      There are four fees set by the school which include:

      • Resource Fee - $102 charged for each child
      • Excursion Fee - $81 charged for each child
      • Service Equipment Fee - $102 per family
      • Fundraising Contribution Fee - $60 per family

           See the 'School Fees' page of the website under 'Enrol Now' for actual fees.

    • What fees are set by the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta?

      Annual Diocesan Tuition Fee can be paid upfront at the start of the year or as three equal payments in Terms 1, 2 and 3.  Flexible payment plans are also available around weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.  The fee is only charged for the first three (3) children currently enrolled in the diocese. There is no additional Diocesan Tuition Fee for the fourth child attending a systemic school in the diocesan or other participating Catholic schools.

      The 2018 Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees are as follows:

      ANNUAL FEES No charge for 4th +
      1st child
      2nd child
      3rd child
      Primary Kindergarten $1,173 $   879 $588
      Years 1 - 6 $1,515 $1,137 $759

      Annual Diocesan Building Levy - 2018

      The Diocesan Building Levy enables us to continue to maintain all schools to a high standard, and ensure we can expand or build new schools in high growth areas.  To ensure this continues we will need to increase the building levy by $27 per family per year.  ​The levy for 2018 will be $783 per family, payable in three equal instalments of $261 payable in terms one, two and three.

      The 2018 term rate for each of the first three terms is as follows:

      TERM FEES Charged in Terms 1,
      2 & 3
      1st child
      2nd child
      3rd child
      Primary Kindergarten $391 $293 $196
      Years 1 - 6 $505 $379 $253

      Also see the 'School Fees' page of the website under 'Enrol Now'.

  • Uniform Requirements
    • Uniform Shop Opening Hours
      Mondays 8:15am to 9:15am
      Thursday 8:15am to 9:15am
      2:30pm to 3:30pm
    • Clothing Pool

      When children grow out of school clothing, parents are asked to consider donating these clothes to the school's clothing pool.

    • Lost Property

      Each year, numerous unclaimed items are left at the school. Please ensure all clothing and personal property is clearly labelled so that, if lost, it can be returned to your child.

      As soon as you are aware an item has been lost, please contact your child’s teacher. If the missing item is not found in the classroom we will ask you to check the lost property basket on the verandah near the staff room. If an item is lost on a bus, please contact the bus company and inquire whether the item has been handed in.

    • Uniform Policy

      Students are to be neatly and cleanly dressed at all times. Shoes should be clean and well presented.

      Hair is to be kept neat and tidy, off the collar, of consistent natural colour, of gradual even grade and all extremes of fashion are to be avoided. Some examples of “styles” that are unacceptable include:  ridges, lines, undercuts, steps, bowl cuts, any excessive shaping with gel, and any shaving cuts. 

      Girls hair that is longer than shoulder length is to be tied back from the face. Hair is to be off the face and out of the eyes.

      Ribbons, hair slides etc, if worn should be in the uniform fabric or maroon. Scrunchies are sold from the Uniform Shop.

      Wet Weather Protection

      Protective wet weather clothing may be worn to and from school. It is not to be worn during school.

      Jewellery & Accessories

      Apart from one pair of sleepers or small plain studs and a wrist watch, jewellery is not permitted for safety reasons. A chain with a cross or religious medallion may be worn under the shirt line. NO rings (birth/baptismal rings excepted), make-up or nail varnish is allowed. Nails should be kept clean and neatly trimmed.

      Boys may not under any circumstances wear earrings.


      Only the correct school hats (slouch & legionnaire) may be worn - purchased through the Uniform shop. The school has a ‘no hat no play policy’.

      School Bag

      Books are to be carried to and from school in the correct maroon school bag, purchased from the Uniform Shop.

      Lapses in the Wearing of Uniform

      Parents will be notified and their co-operation sought for any lapses in this area. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

      Helpful Hints

      • Clothes dried inside out will prevent fading
      • Washing Instructions - wet paint can be washed out immediately in cold water. If paint has dried, soak garment overnight in cold soapy water then hand wash in lukewarm water using ordinary soap. Do not use hot water, laundry detergents or spray-on stain removers. Do not machine wash.
    • Uniform List


        Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
      • Maroon shorts
      • Grey shirt (short sleeve)
      • Grey socks
      • Black lace-up leather shoes
      • Grey trousers
      • Grey long/short sleeve shirt
      • Grey socks
      • Grey check uniform
      • White socks
      • Black lace-up or buckle up leather shoes
      • Maroon / Grey tunic
      • Maroon/Grey slacks
      • Blue blouse
      • White socks or grey stockings
      • Maroon Tab
      Unisex: Sports
      • Grey polo shirt
      • Maroon sports shorts
      • Maroon track suits
      • ‘Chisholm’ sports socks are compulsory


      • Maroon zip jackets or sloppy joes are also worn. 
      • Maroon hats are worn daily.
      • A “No hat, no play” policy applies at Chisholm.

      Parents are asked to please note the following:

      • Tracksuit pants are only to be worn on sports day.
      • Joggers are to be mainly white and low cut (not high cut basketball type).
      • Chisholm Sport socks are to be worn which are purchased from the Uniform Shop.
      • Girls stockings (winter) are to be light grey(Socks are not to be worn over stockings).

Parent Handbook

  • The Chisholm Primary Parent Handbook has all the information you and your child will need.

    You can print a full version to read at your convenience by pressing the ‘Print to PDF’ button at the top of the page.

    If you have any further questions in relation to school times, dates, policies or other general enquiries please feel free to contact Chisholm Catholic Primary, Bligh Park by phone on 4573 3200 during weekdays between 8:15 am and 3:45 pm.

  • View Parent Handbook
  • Print to PDF

Contact Us

You can contact Chisholm Catholic Primary, Bligh Park, by email or phone on (02) 4573 3200 between 8:15 am and 3:45 pm.
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Contact Us

  • You can contact Chisholm Catholic Primary, Bligh Park, by email or phone on (02) 4573 3200 between 8:15 am and 3:45 pm.
  •  Send us an email

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